Blichmann Conical with extra bling

I was quick off the mark for once on ebay and managed to get my self 2 Blichmann conicals (54L and 108L) at a bargain of a price. Only thing, Blichmann love weld-less fittings, I personally dont as they are no good for CIP, in my opinion sanitary grade welding of all fittings is the way forward. So off i went to Swindon with the conicals in the boot of the car to see Mark at ES Fabrications I had a pretty long list of bits I wanted doing and approximately a month later I went and picked them up. I had to laugh when i picked them up, Mark said “we’re not doing that again” but as always a cracking job has been done.


All the threaded fittings have been replaced with welded RJT fittings and butterfly valves, an extra port has also been added to allow for recirculation through a external hop torpedo SN style!

Next job was to get them ready for use which meant temperature control. My preferred method is to use soil heating cables for heating and a Maxi chiller for cooling all controlled by a STC1000.

First job was to attache the 12m soil heating cable, silver tape being the method of choice. Shown here is the larger of the conicals the 27 US gallon or 108L job.


Followed by the copper coiling coil


And then finally to get the heating and cooling covered up by insulation, i am a fan of Armflex, which can be bought of ebay, its not cheep but does work very well. not to mention get the legs back on!


The conicals respond well to changes in temp caused by fermentation and easily maintain the set-point temp, and will happily crash cool down to 2-4 degrees depending on the ambient temp.





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