Barrel Aged & Funky Beers

This page is under construction, content will be added over coming months.

Barrel Projects

Sour/funky beers brewed

Sour/funky beers in the pipeline

I currently have 4 wine barrels that will soon be getting filled with a range of sour beers, updates will be posted via the main blog stream.

Information regarding barrels and sour beers

Information in the UK relating to barrel aging and funky beers is a bit thin on the ground at the home brew level, the aim here is to outline sources of information that I have found and also hopefully report on the progress I make on several barrel aged beers over the coming months – and dare i say years.

Information sources:

  • The Sour Hour – Brewing Network
  • Wild Brews by Jeff Sparrow – available on amazon
  • Brewing network pod cast – Sunday session – search for Russian River
  • Brewing network pod cast – The Jamil Show – search for sour beers
  • The Mad Fermentationist – Lots of information
  • American Sour Beers by Micheal Tonsmeire
  • Information on yeast strains form White Labs and Wyeast
  • Various Facebook groups

Where to find oak barrels, there is always lucky dip on ebay, just search for oak barrel and there are a fair few on offer mainly ex distillery barrels and red wine barrels, these can all be a bit hit and miss so if possible have a look before buying. Another option is the Speyside Cooperage, barrels are slightly more expensive but in much better condition.

Here is a pic of the two barrels ordered from Speyside Cooperage, a Bourbon and Whiskey.

Oak barrels1

The whisky barrel is being used in the LAB RIS barrel project May 2014

The bourbon barrel will be getting a Belgian Quad in a 2nd LAB barrel project

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