Judgement day is fast approaching

It’s probably safe to say I can brew drinkable beer, people normally say its nice, but then people always tend to say that if your stood in front of them (even had a fair bit of success in competitions), but human nature steers people away from saying something confrontational even if it is the truth.

That’s what makes this next bit interesting and for me quite exciting, I have been asked and happily volunteered to brew some beer for some friend’s wedding. The question now is not so much can I brew a decent beer but can I brew beer that will be appreciated by the masses at the wedding.

After some careful consideration it was decided to brew 2 beers with a batch length of 130L each, which after losses should mean about 120L of each beer will make it into kegs for serving at the wedding.

The first beer being brewed will be a 4% pale ale which will be hopped with Citra and Amarillo to about 30IBU’s, this is a beer I have had a fair amount of success with in the past and is meant to be an easy drinking session beer. The second beer will be a 5% red ale with a whirlpool addition of Nelson Sauvin, Amarillo, and Cascade, then dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin, Ahtanum, Simcoe and Centennial, this time the beer will be nearer the 40IBU mark. The second beer will definitely be packing a fair amount more flavour wise than the first but still not to over the top.

But as always there is time constraint due to work, the beers will be going from raw materials to being served in 16days – nothing like making it hard for yourself, but more than doable. Getting the beer bright (well bright ish – will still have a haze) will be the tricky bit, but force carb’ing the beer will save a lot of time.

So the interesting bit will be how much of the beer will be left after the wedding, if there is lots it means one of 2 things the crowed aren’t beer lovers or the beer was not very good –I will take the latter meaning, alternative, there is not enough and I can take this as a more positive reflection on the beer!

Only time will tell I guess, but quite a pivotal point if there is any future in Retribution brewing if its ever going to be a commercial entity.