Motorised Grain Mill

As soon as a Grain is crushed the process of oxidation is started, with this in mind and with the ever present quest to brew the best beer possible a grain mill has be bought from Monster brewing Hardware, at the time of this post no comparable product was available in the UK.


Well after a few months of inactivity on the project due to having to purchase replacement end plates, the originals did not working correctly things are slowly staring to happen! I was hoping the faulty parts would be replaced free of charge by the manufacture but unfortunately and disappointingly this was not to be the case. I was going to return the mill but the return postage was more than the new end plates! Far from great customer service but i guess its what you get for buying stuff from the States form the UK

Well on a more positive note I have just picked up a stainless  frame to mount the mill on along with a 4 pole 1hp motor – 1400 rpm . The mill is driven via 2 pulleys, 12inch mounted on the mill and a 2 inch on the motor, and a v-belt reducing from the 1400 rpm to about 230 rpm on the mill roller. This is a little quick although i am have trouble sourcing a smaller pulley for the motor.

Pulleys can be bought from here

Well here is the pile of bits just a case of putting it all together now!


The mill has finally been mounted on the bench


The tension device is pretty simple, using some stainless angle and some M10 threaded bar i have built a adjustable carriage, works well. I even got lucky when wiring up the motor got it spinning the right way first time.


The first roller is set to 1.5mm and the second has been adjusted to 1.2mm and gives a good crush, mash efficiency is running at about 80-85% with these roller gap settings.

Here is a link to the worlds most badly recorded video of the mill in action!


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