Prep for the upcoming LSE homebrew comp

The London and Southeast craft beer festival (homebrew) is looming in the not too distant future. After a few months of planning a brewing schedule and working on recipe formulation it now looks like I will be moving house on or around the date of the comp/festival!

And unfortunately in the house I will be moving to I will pretty much need to build a new man cave/brewery and then install all the equipment so I will be out of action brewing wise for a couple of months from April/May onwards. This pretty much means the only comp I will be entering beers into this year will be the LSE comp and even these will be a somewhat rushed set of beers due to having to work. If im lucky I may just be able to get a few beers into the National but not going to hold my breath on that one.

So what am I looking to enter into the LSE comp this year? A bit of a range of beers really, for the event I will have/already have especially brewed:

  • German Pils – currently lagering at 1degC (new recipe first batch)
  • Belgian Triple – sat in a fermenter waiting to be bottled and kegged
  • US Pale Ale – need to brew – tweak of a favourite brew – new yeast
  • IPA – need to brew, its an all new beer, not a rebrew of an old Gold medal beer
  • DIPA – need to brew – a rebrew of a beer that went a bit wrong!
  • And if time a British Pale Ale

And from the stocks

  • Table Saison – bottled and carbonating
  • RIS 2014 batch – bottled almost 2 years ago
  • Cherry barley wine – bottled over a year ago
  • Apricot barrel aged Farmhouse (sour) Saison – if ready
  • A barrel aged something or other – lots to choose from

The plan is to do a fairly detailed posts of the Pale Ale, IPA and DIPA going into the brewing process and the method by which the beers will be hopped – all three beers will be brewed using exactly the same process the only differences will be the amount of grain and the amount of hops, the DIPA will be using a truly obscene amount of hops!

Will blog about the PA, IPA and DIPA as the beers are brewed in March.