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A small batch artisan brewery is the way i like to think of Retribution brewing . High quality, hand made on a nano scale (in brewery terms) using traditional methods – although maybe to much stainless! The aim being to use the best ingredients to create the best beer possible – it is all about the beer!

When i first started brewing like most i was interested in brewing big American style IPA’s  (i guess i still am) but over the last 3 years i have developed a taste for more complex mixed fermentation/sour beers and wood aged beers. I am also in the lucky position where i can spend a lot of time and energy brewing, developing beers and recipes. I also have access to a wide range of equipment as well as a growing collection of ex distillery and wine barrels to experiment with.


Below is a few results from competitions i have entered since i started brewing in 2012.

Competition Results


  • London and Southeast, Strong Beers, Retribition DIPA – Silver medal (best DIPA at show)
  • Welsh National Homebrew Competition, Brown and Porter,Retribution American Porter – Bronze medal
  • UKNHC, American Strong Ale, Retribution DIPA – Gold medal
  • Awarded Postgraduate Diploma (distinction), Brewing and Distilling, Heriot Watt University


  • Selected to represent the UK in the 2016 MoBI European Homebrew Competition
  • London and Southeast, Champion Brewer 3rd place
  • London and Southeast, Fruit and Sour beers, Imp Cherryade – Gold medal
  • London and Southeast, European stong beers, RIS 2014 Batch – Bronze medal
  • London and Southeast, Belgian Beers, Retribution Dark Strong – 4th place
  • London and Southeast, Wheats and Sasions, Table Sasion – Honerable Mention
  • V. Hrvatsko homebrew Prvenstvo, Smoked and Wood, Retribution Barrel Aged Imp Brown Stout – Gold medal
  • Welsh National Homebrew Competition, Smoked, Wood and Speaciatility, IBS to my friends – Gold medal
  • Welsh National Homebrew Competition, Porter and Stout, RIS 2014 Batch – Honerable Mention
  • UKNHC, Trappist Ale, Retribution Dark Strong – Gold Medal


  • National Homebrewing Awards, Bourbon aged Quad, What the judges thought: The judges noted that there were not too many vanilla notes, there were huge hits of bourbon and really chocolatey. It could have done with a little bit more dryness but it was very decadent. Richard from Magic Rock said ‘if this was one of our beers I’d expect to hear people rave about it.’! Score: 92/100
  • London and Southeast, Peoples choice – Sasion
  • London and Southeast, American Pale Ale, Ritribution Pale Ale – Silver medal
  • London and Southeast, French and Belgian Ales, Retribution Saison – Bronze medal
  • London and Southeast, Larger and Kolsh, Retribution Pilsener – 4th
  • London and Southeast, Wheat, sour, Fruit beers, Sour Cherry Barleywine – 4th
  • IV. Hrvatsko homebrew prvenstvo, Bourbon barrel aged Quad – 4th
  • Black Friday LSE Home brew comp, Black IPA, Imperial Black Rye IPA – Gold medal and 2nd in BoS


  • London and Southeast, Mild brown and Porter category, EIP – Silver medal
  • London and Southeast, American Ale, CNA Pale – Honorable mention
  • London and Southeast, Peoples choice, EIP
  • UKNHC,  IPA category, Retribution IPA – Gold Medal
  • UKNHC, Stout, Retribution RIS – Gold Medal


  • London and Southeast, IPA category, Hop You IPA – Gold medal


  • St Austell Proper Job Clone competition winner



3 thoughts on “Info & awards

  1. Hi Richard

    I joined LAB last May and came across your blog through the forum. Your posts on this site I’ve found very interesting and wondered if you would be willing to share and go into a bit more detail your setup and why you chose the equipment that you did (brew house and fermentors)? Also you mention that you use renewable energy, what’s your setup for this?

    Look forward to hearing back from you

    • Hello, yes am more than will to share info on set up, the easyest thing if ur free at some point is for you to pop over to where i live and see the set up i have. As for the renewable energy, my supplier is Good Energy i.e. its from 100% renewable sources 😉

  2. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I’ve just moved house myself. I’d like to take you up on your offer of a visit, how’s best to contact you?

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