St Austell Brewery Brewday

With my 5th ever batch of home brew I managed to knock out a competition winning Proper Job clone in the St Austell/BrewUK Proper Job Clone competition – the prize being a day at the brewery to brew a batch of Proper Job with head brewer, Roger Ryman.

After a night at one of the pubs in St Austell it was off to the brewery. I had previously done a tour of the brewery but this time i got to see the whole brew from mashing in through to the wort ending up in the fermenter. Below is the new 160 barrel brew house.


The closest vessel being the Mashtun and in the distance is the Hopback. Inside the Hopback is shown below, the idea being the paddles rotate and infuse the hop oils into the wort.


Proper Job Clone Recipe – 23L at 70% efficiency

  • Water – Water is from the breweries own well and is soft and acidic, its treated to reduce acidity and also Burtonised
  • Grain Bill –  All Simpsons Maris Otter Pale Malt 6kg
  • Mash- Single infusion, temp 63.5deg C, 2.5L of water per 1kg of grain not including water under the false bottom for 60 min then sparge with 74deg C water
  • Boil – 60min
  • Hops – 3 additions, 60min Chinook 15g and Willamette 20g, 15 min Chinook 20g and Willamette 40g, wort is then whirlpooled for 30 min no hop addition, hopback addition  Willamette 40g, Cascade 30g Chinook 20g.
  • Wort is cooled to 15deg C, St Austell oxygenate and add the yeast as wort goes to the fermenter, liquor back as required to give a OG of 1.052
  • Yeast – Grow up from several bottle of Proper Job
  • Let temp rise to 17deg C, maintain for 48 hours and raise temp to 20deg C to drive the fermentation to a FG of 1.010

The low mash temp is to make the wort as fermentable as possible as the St Austell yeast does not attenuate well, the low pitching temp is to control the production of esters in the yeast growth phase in order to produce a clean beer and let the hops shine.

2 thoughts on “St Austell Brewery Brewday

  1. Hi ~ Very usefull and interesting.~ Please Please could you tell me (confirm)

    that mash and fermentation temps and times are exactly what good old St Aulstall do .Please >
    many thanks ,lawrence .

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