Elite Stainless Fabrications Conical

I have been hunting for the perfect home brew conical for well over a year and have either bought or had a look pretty much every conical available to the homebrewer, the best of the bunch until now being the Morebeer 14G that I imported from the US.

However I think it is fair to the conical that Mark of Elite Stainless Fabrications has just fabricated for me is in a truly different league.


So why is it so good, well key features are:

  • 140L working volume 170L total volume
  • Over pressure and vacuum valve
  • External cooling coil and insulation
  • Heating via soil cable
  • Large manway closure for easy cleaning
  • Rotating racking arm
  • 2 inch butterfly valve on bottom of cone
  • Multiple ports to allow recirculation using external hop torpedo/hoprocket
  • Pressuriseable to allow for carbonation – a true unitank
  • Fully CIP
  • Constructed from 2mm 304 stainless, and not a threaded fitting in sight

The inside of the conical is flawless, no scratches, no pits in the welds that is common to see on some other stainless conicals, it has been finished to Mark’s very high standards, not only is it a fermenter it is also a piece of art!

I also ordered the a yeast harvesting device to fit the fermenter, think the Morebeer one but on steroids – pics to follow!

The conicals will soon be available from Elite Stainless Fabrications in 2 standard sizes to go with the 100L and 1bbl kits that they make. I’m that impressed with this conical  I have a second one on order!


5 thoughts on “Elite Stainless Fabrications Conical

  1. What happens if the soil cable goes out? Reasonable price? (I know their 100l brewhouses are some of the cheapest around! Looks amazing! Thanks in advance, love the blog.

    • If the soil cable fails i will just change it out, i have been using the cables for a couple of years and never had a issue so far, in the past i have just bought them from the cheapest ebay supplier, can remember the price but not too bad.

  2. Sweet, glad to hear it’s changeable, very nifty solution to keeping it warm. Thanks for the fast reply! Hope you’re doing well 🙂

  3. Hi there, i noticed that you’ve not posted this year, i hope you’re still brewing. I just wanted to ask about how things have been going with this unitank, what are your thoughts now after some use. I’m looking for one myself.

    • Hello, yes I’m still brewing but just very busy so not posted anything, hopefully this will change over the coming months. As for the conical, I have 2 of them and they are very very good, probably the best fermenter of there size you can buy anywhere in the country. Cheers

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